Benefits of Meditation

Although meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by truth seekers, the evidence for the benefits of meditation didn’t come into the light until very recently.  And although most who do maintain a meditation practice, don’t actually need evidence of the benefits it has to offer, it is something worth investigating in order to make it more accessible to the mainstream public.  The reality is most people don’t meditate, and doesn’t realize why it’s important, and how it can actually help them in their lives, even if it’s only at a physiological level which they choose to improve.

In the recent years, many studies have been done by scientists for people with health conditions.  Their objective was to see how the practice of meditation using certain meditation techniques would affect the person’s condition, and whether or not there would be reduction in it.  Scientists have tested several health conditions from stress, depression, and anxiety to heart and cardiovascular disease, as well as breast cancer.  The results which they found were nothing short of remarkable.

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Over eighteen million people suffer from depressive symptoms each year, and they found that those that practice transcendental meditation for at least 20 minutes twice per day were able to reduce their symptoms considerably.  All mental health conditions were improved, and there has already been many studies which prove that stress can affect a person’s physiology.  So by reducing stress related symptoms, the body is further able to heal itself, and lead to improved health overall.

Those people with heart and cardiovascular disease also showed an improvement of about 50% with their symptoms with the practice of meditation.  And the same goes for those that had breast cancer.  There are many other health concerns which have been improved upon simply by practicing meditation, and there are many ongoing studies to see what other benefits there are with meditation.

Now although these conditions have been improved with transcendental meditation, it doesn’t mean that’s the only form of meditation practice that can help.  It’s just the primary practices that scientists chose to use due to it’s popularity with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  So practicing other forms of meditation can have similarif not even better results with a persons state of mind, and body.  It really depends on how you chose to practice, and how committed to you are to staying consistent and practicing daily.  Sometimes it’s more than just about how long you meditate, but rather how engaged you are with the practice itself and the consistency of your practice.

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So meditation has been proven to have many benefits at both a mental and physiological level.  But this is also intuitive to many long term experienced practitioners of meditation simply because they have observed the mind-body connection as well.  But for the general public, these studies can be a good thing, as it can help lower the defences of those that have an aversion to meditation, or don’t feel that it really is that important to do it on regular basis.  Perhaps ongoing studies in meditation can help bring greater light in the world in regards to these previously thought esoteric methods.

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