AMAZING Results – You Won’t Believe How Lean You Can Get With Intermittent Fasting

But, there is still a nagging question in your mind that you want answered. That question is: where are the pictures?

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not a trainer and don’t have any clients of my own. I’m just an IF enthusiast with 3 years of fasting experience under my belt. Therefore, I will defer to two people whom I consider to be my mentors.

These two people have had the most significant impact in influencing me to fast and weight train. You’ll notice that not only do these people and their clients lose an incredible amount of weight, but they are all extremely muscular.

Don’t let that turn you off if you aren’t a weightlifter, IF can work for regular Joes too. However, if that does inspire you pick up weight training, then fantastic – your results with IF will be even more profound.

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Without further ado:

The Two Giants of Intermittent Fasting and Weight Training

Martin Berkhan

intermittent fasting dietMartin Berkhan, founder of LeanGains

Check out Martin Berkhan’s (the founder of LeanGains) results pages to see some of the success he’s had with his clients. Also, check out his own transformation.

This man was arguably the one who started it all. No, he wasn’t the one to discover intermittent fasting. But he was the one who incorporated weight training with IF, the combination of which he dubbed “LeanGains”, and popularized via his website.

If there’s a reason why there are so many practitioners of IF, it’s probably due to this guy.

Andy Morgan

Frustrated with the dieting and weight loss solutions that he had to deal with, Andy wanted to find out if there was a better way of doing it. He eventually discovered IF when searching for new methods, the biggest find was LeanGains by Berkhan since it incorporated weightlifting and weight loss in one appealing package.Also, check out Andy Morgan’s website,, where he coaches people with his own style of IF. Though often overshadowed by Berkhan, he’s no slouch as his client results page is comparable, as is his own transformation.

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Adopting the LeanGains style, he decided to tweak it to suit his personal needs. His philosophy is that the method should be simplified enough to work and still yield 95% of the results. The remaining 5% can be achieved by digging down into the nitty-gritty details at the expense of simplicity.

And myself?

As I said, I’m not a personal trainer, coach, fitness expert, etc., nor do I have the accolades that Morgan and Berkhan have. I am an IF enthusiast and practitioner of over three years and counting. And even someone like me can succeed with IF. Here are my results so far:

Height: 5’8″
Weight (before): 155 lbs
Weight (after): 145 lbs

Notice how in my before picture, I had no muscle definition and looked pudgy. That’s because I wasn’t following any particular diet and just ate what I wanted. When you simply shove food in your mouth without properly keeping track, you will end up looking like me or worse.

After I adopted the intermittent fasting lifestyle, I transformed my physique. The difference between my before and after physique are like night and day. I lost 10 lbs of weight, look and feel much healthier, and my muscle definition drastically improved (note: muscles are the result of me working out, but how visible they are are due to my diet/lifestyle, which is LeanGains, a form of intermittent fasting).

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I realize that my physique is nowhere near the level of people like LeanGains founder Martin Berkhan or fellow enthusiast Andy Morgan. However, it is a physique that I am able to easily maintain while living the lifestyle I want to live.

Intermittent fasting has empowered me with the ability to stay lean year round without being hindered by unsustainable meals and schedule. My diet and schedule are highly flexible now, I no longer get cravings, and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been.

If you haven’t taken the plunge into intermittent fasting, in my opinion, you’re missing out.

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