8 Steps to Overcoming Resistance

“Whether it is your work, your love, or your life – unless you throw your entire self into it, you will never know what it is.” – Sadhguru 

We all experience it everyday. The tugging voice in our minds moaning about what we have to do.

Our plans or dreams for what we want to achieve or accomplish. It tugs at us but then a greater force gives us an easier alternative. One that doesn’t involve any struggle.

You want to channel your energy into more creative processes but ‘Breaking Bad’ keeps getting the better of you.
You want to start exercising consistently but time just seems to slip away from you.

If I want to do some writing my resistance chimes in about a podcast, book, movie or friend that deserves my attention. All of these things compete for the time I planned to write for. And a lot of the time they win. Although, through the following steps this resistance does not wade as much control over my life.

1. Do it everyday

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen

Don’t wait for the right time. There isn’t one. The difference between mediocrity and success is consistency. Doing the task everyday regardless of how you feel.

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If your goal is to get better at writing poetry commit to writing poetry everyday. Commit to reading poetry everyday. Both of these practices will improve your ability to create poetry.

2. Commit to it long term

If we take fitness as an example, get out of the short term mind set. Fitness should be looked at as a positive part of your life. Not a 12 week fat loss program that you forget about once it is over. It should be considered an important part of your day to day life.

3. Be patient

Looking at something long term will ease the stress of not getting immediate results. Get comfortable with the journey not the destination. And get comfortable with boredom. It is part of the process. Doing something daily becomes really monotonous after a while but it is the only way to improve.

4. Ask for help

If you can’t seem to get started call in some help. A friend, partner or family member. Sit down with them and explain your situation. A lot of the time knowing where to start is the difficult part. If you are looking for help with exercise and nutrition I am offering 5 people 12 weeks of free online coaching from January 1stApply here.

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5. Become Aware

Asking yourself the following questions will increase your awareness about what is stopping you.

• When and where does the obstacle occur, and what can I do to overcome the obstacle?
• When and where is an opportunity to prevent the obstacle from occurring, and what can I do to prevent it from occurring?
• When and where is a good opportunity for me to act on my wish, and what would this action be?

6. Don’t wait for perfection

Resistance to train because you’re tired or not feeling like it. Resistance to write because you have nothing to write. It doesn’t matter how you feel. The key is showing up and doing it.

During my yoga practice my teachers stressed that I do my best based on how I feel today not yesterday or last week. This motivated me to practice more consistently even when I didn’t feel like it. It went against all of my previous coaching where I was told to do a little extra each day.

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This has helped me train on days I don’t feel like it or write on days I have nothing to write about.

7. Accept failure as part of the process

You will fail. No matter what it is you attempt. Accepting this failure will allow you to keep practicing regardless of your daily performance.

8. Break your goal down

You want to lose 30lbs of weight?

How about starting by preparing your gym clothes the night before so they are there when you wake up the next morning? Focus on what you can control.

Need to clean your house?
Start by cleaning a room for 5 minutes
After 5 minutes you can keeping going or finish it the next day.

Overcoming that initial resistance is the key and implementing these 8 steps are a great way to start.

Whatever it is you want to achieve.

Stop waiting till Monday.

Start today.

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