6 Mental Health Tips From Bressie

In case you’re not Irish, “Bressie” is an Irish celebrity who has become a mental health awareness campaigner. He suffered from anxiety for a lot of his life and now wants to help educate people on how to deal with it.

I was at “Wellfest” last weekend in Dublin. It was a one day health and fitness festival packed with all sorts of exercise classes and talks.

Bressie closed the festival with his talk on dealing with anxiety. I had heard a bit about him before but the talk blew me away. It was spoken with such honesty and vulnerability. I guess when you look at a guy like Bressie you think he has it all. Celebrity status, talented musician and former rugby star.

To say the guy has a lot going for him is an understatement. But, then he shared his story about dealing with crippling anxiety. About having panic attacks before live TV or staying in a park outside of London for two days because he was so anxious.

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At the end of the talk he shared a 10 day plan to put in place to improve your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you get bouts of anxiety or not, the 10 day plan will be of benefit.

Day 1. Record how you feel both emotionally and physically. Be 100% honest.

  1. Limit your toxic environments.
    This may be your work environment, social environment or maybe even your home environment. When you’re around people who are constantly gossiping and judging others it tends to rub off on you. This can also make you paranoid or anxious as there is no trust in this environment.

Spend as little time as possible around these people.

2. Compassion – for yourself and others

Once a day do at least one nice thing for someone else. This can be something as small as paying someone a compliment to larger feats like charity work.

  1. Gratitude x 30
    Every day say thank you 30 times. Again it can be something small like giving thanks when the lights go green. To learn more about gratitude you can check out this article.
  2. 30 Mindful moments
    Throughout the day practice mindfulness. Mindfulness isn’t something obscure only available once you’ve a solid meditation practice. You can practice it write now as you read these words. Just focus on your breath as it comes in through your nostrils and out. Well done, you have just practiced mindfulness! You were present for the period of time. Another easy time to practice it is during your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning. As you take the liquid in your mouth feel the hot sensation as it moves down your throat.
  3. Judgement
    Similar to number one. Stop judging others. Judgement breeds negativity and that’s what we’re trying to reduce here. When you see someone on the street don’t label or judge them, just observe.
  4. Download headspace
    I recommended this awesome meditation app in this earlier article. You can download take 10 for free. It is 10 minutes a day for 10 days and it’s a great introduction to meditation.
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On day 10 ask yourself the same questions that you asked yourself on day 1.

That’s it.

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