3 Important Facts About Detox Recipes

There are so many misconceptions out there regarding health. Today the buzz word detox is everywhere you go. I am a personal advocate of detoxifying using detox recipes for diet as long as the method makes sense and it’s related to your oxidation rate.

Detox Recipes

Too many people are being harmed by information and procedures that can be dangerous. Many of these methods and procedures do not take into account one’s oxidation rate and that’s where it can go wrong.

The human body is designed to detoxify safely and on its own. Yet when you force the body to detoxify problems can occur. Putting stress on the body to aggressively detoxify is like going to the gambling casino. You’re rolling the dice with your health.

Chelation therapy, foot baths, suspect diets, fasting and many other crazy concoctions you can find on the web can cause more trouble than there worth. Very strong and dangerous healing reactions can occur when forcing the body to eliminate toxins at a rapid rate.

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3 Facts Regarding Detoxification and Detox Recipes for Your Diet

1 – Energy is Key

In order to detox correctly and safely you need sufficient energy as detoxing uses up lots of energy. Before starting any detox program using detox recipes make sure you understand how to support and create more energy. Natural and safe detoxification is dependent upon your energy level. Proper rest and hydration is a very important factor.

2 – Thyroid and the Adrenals must be the Focus

Knowing your oxidation rate is a key element to understanding which detox recipes for your dietary needs are required. When the thyroid and adrenals are in sync the body is said to be in balanced oxidation which by today’s standards are extremely rare due to absorbed toxins in both glands. When these glands are in harmony with each other the human body is able to create tremendous natural energy.

Using a car analogy we can say the adrenals make the right fuel mixture and the thyroid creates a powerful spark. When we have the right fuel mixture and a powerful spark together we get tremendous energy. Unfortunately blood test are not and accurate gage for the thyroid and the adrenals. Many people have glandular issues that fly under the radar and can cause poor health.

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When the thyroid and adrenals are overactive the oxidation rate is fast and the opposite is true of underactive glands. Slow oxidation is caused by underactive thyroid and adrenals.

3 – Detox Recipes need to be in Sync with the Oxidation Rate

To make it simple, you don’t want to have a diet that will stimulate an already stimulated thyroid and adrenals. The diet for fast overactive glands should be slower burning food. In contrast the slow underactive glands (thyroid and adrenals) need faster burning food.

The point here is to focus on correct detox recipes which are designed to balance the thyroid and adrenals. This targeted diet will in turn produce increased energy which will enhance detoxification. Natural and safe detoxification done at the body’s own pace will create even more energy as the cycle continues.

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