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6 Reasons to Sell All Your S*** And Move to Thailand

I have spoken to so many friends who would love to go to Thailand or somewhere similar but “would never be able to” because of various excuses. I write this in the hope that one of you out there who might not be entirely content with your life will decide to travel and see a…

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4 Lessons On Eating From Thailand

Disclaimer: This is a general observation of what I have seen in Thailand. Obesity is becoming a problem here like the rest of the world but these are the most common eating practices I have noticed while living here. When asked for nutrition advice I will usually state the following points: • Eat nutrient dense unprocessed foods…

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13 lessons from 12 months in Asia

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. I left Ireland in May of 2013. Since then I have spent time in India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. It’s been an eventful year full of ups and downs. I have met so many interesting people and feel I learned quite a lot along the way. Here…

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