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Why You Need to Start Using An Accountabilibuddy

Picture this, you set your alarm for 5:00am with the plan of getting to the gym at 6. It’s a new start, a new you and you’re going to crush it. You’ve followed all the advice. Prepped your gym clothes and laid them out so there’s no confusion when you wake. Fast forward to the…

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6 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

I went to Fitness first last week for a look around. The first thing that struck me was what exercises people were doing. Even though they had a decent selection of barbells, kettle bells and dumbbells almost everyone was using cardio equipment. Why people are still doing this I don’t understand? If you are a…

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Are you hurting yourself in the gym?

  If you have to go court you get a solicitor, if you hurt your back you go to a physio, if have a problem with your sink you get a plumber. But, when it comes to exercise you look after it.  Why is this the case? Why do people think that with absolutely no…

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