Should You Meditate?

I’ve been practising meditation daily for two years this month. Quite simply it’s been a game charger. The annoying part about meditation is the dogma that is attached to it.

I can understand why a lot of you may not feel it is right for you. Maybe you think that it isn’t right for you because you not into Yoga. When you hear meditation you might get thoughts of hippies and monks but believe me it’s practiced by regular folk too.
Meditation is something that all sorts of high achievers are practicing because it works. From top-level sports starts to Oprah to Joe Rogan. All of these people have found the benefits of sitting in silence each day.

It is a daily reset where you can reflect and remind yourself of the things you already know. It works like reading a good self-help book. After the book you remember to stop making assumptions or listening to the inner critic.

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Unfortunately a few days after reading the book we return to our old ways. Meditation is that daily reminder you’ve been missing.

Not long from now meditation will be in the same category as brushing your teeth. It’s one of them things you just do because it is so good for you health. No questions asked.

If we put all the assumptions you may have about meditation aside and put it into layman terms you will realise how important a habit it is for you to add to your lifestyle.

Why do you go to the gym?

You go to get stronger, look better and move better. You do your mobility work, strength work, cardio and you make sure and do it consistently in order to get the benefits. Gym work is a series of new skills that you need to practise to improve at.

A one off gym session will make you feel good but you’re not going to see proper results without consistant sessions done over the course of a few months.

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When I first started training I couldn’t squat. It took lots of practice and consistency but I improved and over time saw huge benefits in muscle mass, strength and mobility.

Meditation is the same except you are training the mind. You are relearning a lot of the default thoughts you have formed over the years. It is something that requires practice and takes time to improve at. It gives you a chance to further understand who you are, why you react to certain things and makes you aware of your actions.

It trains you to observe a lot of your weakness and “catch” yourself in the process of reacting in a way you know you shouldn’t.

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