It’s Time To Take Control

Online coaching with FeelGoodHacks offers a sustainable, habit based approach to strength, mobility and stress reduction.

Gold Package
$150per month for 3 months minimum
  • Twice weekly email check-ins
  • Unlimited email support
  • Customised habit based nutrition plan
  • Personalised weight training program
  • Cardio and supplement recommendations
  • Monthly Skype consultations
  • 24-hour response time
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Conor is an excellent coach. His knowledge is more extensive than any other coach I have spoken to and he has a way of putting this knowledge across that is easy to understand, intuitive and practical. He doesn’t over whelm with information but instead teaches simple coaching cues that have a practical effect on technique.

Conor is a very motivating coach. He has an easygoing, encouraging style. Many times I hit a PB or squeezed out a difficult rep that I doubt I would have achieved had it not been for Conor’s motivation.

Conor is not just a fitness coach but also a lifestyle coach. One of the unexpected benefits of training with Conor is that I changed a number of different aspects of my life style. He encouraged me to take up meditation. I have found this extremely beneficial and still practice every morning. Conor also helped me establish a morning routine that I have found to be an immensely powerful tool for my productivity and motivation. Not just for fitness but for every aspect of my life.

We now check in with each other every Monday to keep accountability with our fitness and lifestyle goals.

I highly recommend Conor as a trainer and a lifestyle coach. He won’t just get you fit but will help you adapt your habits so you stay fit and focused long after your training sessions have ended.”

Teacher, UK

I have been training with Conor for almost six months now to great effect! I feel leaner, stronger and fitter than I have since my rowing days in college. Other people tell me how well I am looking. Conor has an engaging personal approach that is supportive and motivating. He also pays great attention to the detail of my technique and can flexibly adapt a programme, and even a session, to take account of twinges, strains or my limitations. Conor is great to work-out with."

David Coleman, Clinical Psychologist,

Conor gave the tools to achieve a healthier life style, but distinctively from others, he was realistic in his expectations. Unlike other advisors he understands real life. We won’t go to the gym 6 times a week or only eat carrots and boiled chicken. A clear program and constant advice was given and as a result I achieved 4kg weight gain I was trying for.”

Teacher, Thailand