Good is Good Enough

This is a term we us in GMB and it’s pretty liberating. Growing up I was a perfectionist and a lot of the things I did were severely stunted as a result of not being able to finish them. Instead of getting it finished even when I wasn’t entirely happy, I’d procrastinate, get frustrated and either give up or be too late to submit.

This happened a lot in university. I wouldn’t be happy with the assignment and would end up cramming the last few days and eventually getting it in. The thing was that every deadline was a stress induced mess.

I also have a friend who had to leave university because she took this to the next level and would get paralysed with anxiety when doing assignments. She would rather not submit than submit something outside of perfection.

Where “good is good enough” comes in is it gets things done. If you’re not feeling good you’ll still show up and train. It may be 40% of your normal workout pace but it’s good enough for where you’re at, at that moment.

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It’s helping me write an article a week. Over the 28 weeks that I’ve committed to blogging (Dec ’16 – June ’17) I know that the majority of these articles will be mediocre. A lot of them will suck and in a few months I’ll cringe looking back over them. But, I also know that if I write 28 blog posts a few are going to be awesome and that’s what this is all about.

This piece from Tim Ferris always helps me get started no matter how bad I feel.

“Someone asked the novelist how he was able to write so consistently and remain inspired and motivated. He replied, “Two hundred crappy words per day, that’s it.” The idea was that if he forced himself to write two hundred crappy words, more often than not the act of writing would inspire him; and before he knew it, he’d have thousands of words down on the page.”

It’s about showing up even when you don’t feel like it. Showing up when you know you won’t be at your best. This is where the magic happens.

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I spent 12 weeks between September and November (2016) doing the GMB trainer apprenticeship. It required a huge time commitment through study and training. Part of the curriculum required us to do handstand practice 6 days a week for 20-40 minutes. I could hold a handstand for 2-3 seconds at the beginning of the course but that would require 15 minutes of attempts before I got a 3 second hold.

For the first 2 weeks I felt lots of progress. I was getting coaching from handstand experts so the new cues I learnt really helped. But then everything stalled. I went through a period of 6 weeks where it felt things were going backwards.

It was frustrating. I could hold a handstand but when I corrected my line I went back to the drawing board. When I expressed my frustration with my coaches they said what I’m saying here. “Keep showing up, keep focusing on the main cues and be patient.”

Then on week 10 something clicked. I had a huge “AHAAAAA!” moment and it just made sense. It was like I was learning a language and then one day I could understand what a local said. My body got it.

What I took away from that was, on them days where it felt like nothing was happening, I was wrong. There was a lot going on but it was too subtle to notice.

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If I had decided to stop when I felt nothing was happening, week 10 wouldn’t have happened. Also realising that good as good enough even when I felt that I had a shit practice, it was still getting me closer to the goal.

So on them days you don’t feel like training or writing or meditating remember that it doesn’t have to an amazing session you just have to show up.

Remember, good is good enough.

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