Four Week Bodyweight Program with Progressions

Lets say you’ve just started a new three-day per week gym routine.

Things are going good until you get to week three.

A lot is going on at work and you have felt sick the past few days.

The thought of driving to the gym, doing a 60 minute workout, driving home, preparing dinner and finishing work related projects makes it overwhelming.

A 2 hour sacrifice is just too much time to lose today.

The outcome?

You miss the session, feel guilty, binge and feel worse.

This puts you back and you end up missing two of the next 3 workouts.

Now you have gained a bit more weight and you just say “f*** it!”

After three weeks it’s over.

That small hurdle had disastrous knock on effects.

This has happened to me and I’m sure you’ve experienced the same.

When these situations arise (and they do) a great alternative is to get in a quick bodyweight workout.

Even on the bad days is 1% of your day asking too much?

Of course not.

The 1% workout lasts 15 minutes and 15 minutes is (you guessed it) a little over 1% of your day.

It’s hard to talk yourself out of a quick 15 minute workout.

You won’t get the guilt and you don’t have to leave your house.

Wins all round.

Each workout should include the following movements.

You’ll need a pull up bar to hit your back.

  1. Squat 6-12 reps
  2. Pull up 6-12 reps
  3. Glute bridge 6-12 reps
  4. Push up variation 6-12 reps
  5. Plank 20 – 30 secs

Exercise Progressions



How the program works is very straight forward.

  • For each exercise you are doing a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 reps.
  • Once 12 reps is easy you move up to the next progression.
  • Set a clock for 15 minutes and move through the circuit as many times as possible.

4 Week Sample Program

1EasyMediumEasy Easy
3HardMediumEasy Medium

The workout difficulty will depend on how much rest you give yourself between exercises. All exercises should be completed with proper form.

  • Easy - you should be able to talk comfortably through the workout.
  • Medium - Talking is challenging
  • Hard - Little to no rest between exercises

This is a great program that anyone can do, whether you have never exercised before or you want to challenge yourself with just bodyweight training.

Trust me mixing between pistols, pushups and pull ups for 15 minutes will challenge the toughest of you out there.

If you are looking for a more concrete training program, my friends over at Manvsweight have reviewed an awesome Bar brothers program. Check out the review here.

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I am a wellness coach from Ireland currently based in Melbourne Australia. I love teaching and learning about physical autonomy and sustainable lifestyle habits.


  • Liam

    Reply Reply 25 April, 2015

    Really useful Connor, great for when travelling. Thanks!

  • Maya

    Reply Reply 4 November, 2015

    Great article.
    In the 4 week sample program section, the sample schedule is not showing. It is showing the error : “[table “” not found /]”
    Can you please check and fix.

    • Conor

      Reply Reply 18 November, 2015

      Thanks for informing me. Updating it now 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Reply Reply 13 October, 2016

    Do I need to do any cardio like running along with this bodyweight program to lose weight?

    • Conor

      Reply Reply 19 December, 2016

      Hey Jonathon, the most important thing to consider for fat loss is diet. So if you’re diet is in check then this will 100% aid you in losing weight. If it is not then it will help you get stronger but that’s about it.

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