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Bulletproof Your Health Using “The Simple Daily Practice”

Anytime I go through difficult times in life they are for the most part coming a long time. It’s rarely a one-off event that causes it. Just like an overuse injury. It wasn’t that one day in the gym but the hours of improper movement beforehand that led to the injury. So when I read James…

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What is Yoga? Part 2

To read about the first 4 limbs of Yoga check out the first part of this article “What is Yoga: Part 1”.  5. Pratyahara Pratyahara means taking control of the senses. Instead of cravings, external rewards and possessions, we look inwards and find everything we need inside. The mind can be our path to freedom…

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What is Yoga? – Part 1

When I first started practicing yoga all I thought it was nothing more than a workout. That is how it seems to be viewed by most people in the west. After studying yoga in more detail I have realized that the yoga we all know is only a small part of Yoga. According to the…

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