Hey, thanks for dropping by. I’m Conor the founder of Feel good hacks. If you have ever felt the following

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of information with health and fitness
  • Unsure about what information to apply
  • You want to get stronger
  • You want more energy
  • You want more from your life

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Conor O' Shea

Feel good hacks was started in March 2014. It was my way of getting good quality information out to more people.

My aim is to cut through the noise and provide you with quality information that works.

Here’s what I cover

The blog covers nutrition, fitness (yoga and weight training), meditation and other lifestyle areas (morning routines, productivity).

The information I share on this site is practical and for the most part free to apply. No fancy gadgets or supplements to buy. I focus on how you can take control of your health.

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About Conor O’ Shea

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I was born and raised in Ireland. I played a lot of Gaelic Games growing up and decided to study exercise science for my undergrad in Edinburgh, Scotland. During this period I started weight training and getting interested in nutrition.

During my first few years of weight training I kept picking up different injuries. From tearing my groin, to shoulder pain, to a chronic foot injury (plantar fasciitis). I made all the newbie mistakes. From bench-pressing three days a week to completely neglecting mobility work to program hopping. You name it, I’ve done it.

After my studies I completed a personal trainer certification (ACE) and worked as a personal trainer for 2 years in Ireland.

During that period I qualified as a kettlebell instructor and also completed a nutrition certification from the world-renowned Precision Nutrition.

During the years I was personal training I began to see a pattern of practices that started having major impacts on my clients and my own body composition. Smart simple exercise selection and good nutrition trumped over other techniques.

I enjoyed working as a personal trainer but felt I needed a change of lifestyle

in May 2013. I was feeling run down and not able to shake off a chronic foot injury (plantar fasciitis).

I decided to leave and travel around Asia. I moved to India for 4 months. During my time in India I completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga instructor course in Mysore India.

It was here I discovered Yoga and meditation.

Weaknesses I had not addressed before were exposed during this month. I found in Ireland I was only addressing movement and nutrition but neglected stress reducing activities like meditation. At the end of the course my foot injury, which I had for over a year, was gone.

I now take a much more minimal approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle. When you concentrate on a few important things everything else tends to fall into place.

I am now teaching English and Yoga in the beautiful Khon Kaen in the Northeast of Thailand.



  • BSc Sport and exercise science.
  • ACE personal trainer
  • Kettlebell instuctor – Kettlebells Ireland
  • Precision Nutrition coach – PN1
  • Yoga alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor.

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