Monthly Archives: December 2014

5 Steps to Follow For New Years Resolutions

I teach university students and adults one to two evenings a week in an English conversation class. I keep the class informal and set it up like we are in a café having a discussion. I use it to speak about topics I am interested in. Last week the theme of the class was “Stress”…

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Free Online Coaching

I’m looking for 5 volunteers to undergo a 12-week online coaching program. I will write your workouts, provide nutrition advice and be available by e-mail as needed to guide you through. The workouts I create will be a mixture of strength training and yoga and designed to help you gain muscle and improve mobility. The nutrition…

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Become Like Water My Friend

I’ve been living in Thailand for the last 13 months and it has been amazing for the most part. My quality of life has improved dramatically. I have more time to pursue the things I enjoy. I have less stress and the weather is awesome. However there is a huge difference between visiting somewhere for…

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